VZOR LLC, a Russian research-and-production enterprise, was founded on September 09, 1994. The profile of the company is development and production of instruments for analytical control of aquatic environment in thermal and nuclear power industry, ecology and other industries.

What we have always been striving for is to have our users convinced that MARK and VZOR trade marks always come together with the guaranteed quality of products and services.

Analyzers MARK are successfully used at power plants, centers of ecology control, laboratories of different profile in Russia, countries of CIS, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

Swedish beer under guidance of DO-meter MARK-3010
27 декабря 2021
To obtain necessary beer gustatory qualities it is crucial to take real-time measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration throughout all manufacturing stages. To that end in December 2021 a moderate-size innovative brewery in Sweden purchased the DO-meter MARK-3010 by VZOR LLC.
24 декабря 2021
MARK instruments took part in the expedition of Russian Geographical Society to the Onega Peninsula.
09 декабря 2021
In 2021 on the Onega Peninsula within the frames of the grant of Russian-wide non-commercial association "Russian Geographical Society" "The White Sea - is the gateway to the Arctic. Puzzles of feathered migrants" a series of expeditions was performed in order to study the migratory flows of aquatic and semi-aquatic birds.
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